About PeaPod Charms

Peapod was created to help capture life fashionably.  It all started when I was pregnant with my son.  I was asked by my mom what I would like as a gift for when he was born.  I knew right away what I wanted.  It was a necklace with some sort of photo charm to show off my little miracle.  My mom searched all over and never found what I was looking for.  Then my husband who’s an entrepreneur, came up with an idea; he thought that I should design my own photo charm and start my own business.  I thought that was a great idea.  I would start this business for all the mom’s out there who are looking to show off their little one fashionably.  This is the simple story of how Peapod came into existence.  
I have chosen just a few special pieces to capture the little miracles in your lives which include:  Peapod’s Signature Necklace, Peapod’s Signature Bracelets, Peapod’s Key Chains, Peapod’s Signature Ring, and Peapod’s Signature Pin.  I have spent time creating only the best quality and timeless pieces for my customers. 

We at Peapod are committed to making sure that each and every one of our customers is not just satisfied but happy with their selection.  We strive to make each piece special and memorable.

In conclusion I would like to thank each of you who have taken time to visit my site.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions or thoughts you might have.

Lisa Heiland


About Our Products

Peapod jewelry is a trademark design made of the highest quality .925 solid sterling silver.  This is the same silver that you find at the high end establishments such as Tiffany’s.  All of our charms are boarded with decorative engraving.  The back is dressed with our famous “Peapod” logo.  We have chosen a skilled craftsman to meet strict guidelines for high quality to make sure you will enjoy your pieces for a life time.  We strive to only provide the best quality and finish for our pieces.  We have a simple standard:  If our pieces don’t pass our high demands of quality and finish, then we certainly wouldn’t ever expect them to pass yours.  We back this up with a 100% money back guarantee.  We are truly confident in all of our pieces!


Caring For Our Products

One of the best ways to keep your pieces from tarnishing is by wearing them.  One important factor to remember is to always be sure to wipe your pieces clean, particularly from oils, especially the oils that you have on your fingers this is what can cause tarnish.  You should always try to avoid storing your pieces in the open air for  long periods of time moisture and harsh chemicals in the air can also be a cause of tarnishing.  You must be sure to keep your pieces away from anything that contains sulfur and protect it from any sort of rubber which can also cause tarnishing.  Make sure you keep your pieces away from large amounts of water.  Water will cause your photos to get distorted.  (Washing your hands is okay just try not to put the pieces under a running foist or in the shower).  Our pieces are best stored in the bag that is provided to you with each of your purchases.


How to Keep Your Pieces Clean

You can do so by using a silver cleaning cloth to remove any loose dust or greasy deposits to bring the pieces to a polished finish.  We also recommend using our silver cleaner to help bring out the brightness of your pieces.  *Make sure when using this cleaner you remove your photo and the clear plastic cover before dipping the silver into the cleaner.  Once you have let the pieces sit in the cleaner for about 5 min then you can dry it off and replace your photo and the cover.  If you have any other questions or concerns about the care and storage for your pieces please don’t hesitate to contact us at peapodcharms@yahoo.com.